About Dr.Sue

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About Dr.Sue (Dr.Sureerat Pracharktam) 

Dr. Sue  is a scientist with research experience and expertise in pharmaceutical drugs, food supplements and beauty fields for more than 40 years. She is recognized as one of the professional medical experts in health and beauty in Thailand.

She graduated PhD. In Pharmaceutical industry from Massachusets College of Pharmacy in Boston, United States. Since then she had been running General Drugs House Co., Ltd. and teach as part time professor at Mahidol Univeristy. She has always been interested in researching and product development especially in food supplement and skin care products. She then set up J.T.C. Intertrade Co., Ltd. as a product research and development consultant. In 2009, she decided to launch “Dr.Sue” brand under Health Touch Co., Ltd.

The purpose of “Dr.Sue” brand is to focus truly on beauty from within. Dr. Sue conducted research regarding ingredients from all over the world and combine them with what natural ingredients we have locally to create an ultimate skin care and supplement products that are effective and able to bring out the beauty from within. 

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