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Super DNA

Q: Can super DNA helps with pimples? Does it work with oily skin?

A: Yes, Super DNA has anti-inflame benefit that will help with pimples when they are reddish color (before it becomes too infected with bacteria and turn yellow which you will need stronger pimples medicine). Super DNA works well with all skin type including oily skin because the texture is very mild and it penetrates into the skin rapidly.

Q: Can Super DNA helps with multiple skin problems?

A: Yes, Super DNA is suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin and it will not only able to cure skin problems but it will also help to nourish the skin while stimulating skin’s natural defense system as well.

Q: Can Super DNA helps with deep acne scars?

A: Yes, but you should use peeling agent together with Super DNA Serum as peeling agent will help to remove dead cell of your outer skin layer and super DNA will help to improve the condition of  your inner layer skin, which will make the acne scar hole more shallow and less visible.

Q: What are the ingredients of Super DNA?

A: Super DNA serum is enriched with T4N5 endonuclease enzyme extracted from Micrococcus lysate and Lecithin, an enzyme found in deep sea algae, as well as other plant extracts such as Echinacea extract, licorice root, hyaluronic acid etc.

Spot fade dermaboost 1 and 2

Q: What is the different between dermaboost 1 and 2? If I have black acne scar, which product should I use?

A: If you have black acne scars then you should use Spot Fade Dermaboost 1, gel that helps with acne scar and pigment spots (melasma).

Spot Dermaboost 2 will help support the lightening the uneven skin shade and freckle.  

Bifit and Leanluk

Q: What’s the different between Bifit and Leanluk? Can I take both of them?

A: Bifit and Leanluk both help with weight control but they perform different functions. Bifit has pre-biotic that has high fiber content which help with to make you feel full faster and it will also help with digestive system. Leakluk will help in enhancing fat burning system in your body. Together it will help your weight control to be more effective. For faster and more effective use, you should take them 30 minutes prior to your meal.